Corporate Gifts... Get a little nutty!

Let your employees & clients know you’re NUTS about them; we offer a wide selection of nutty treats to show your appreciation. No matter the size of your gift order, we guarantee the same delicious quality in every crunch!
Need a little something to snack on in the office?
Its Just Nuts can deliver NUTS 4 YOU snack packs once a month.
Launching a big project or have a quarterly meeting coming up?
Let Its Just Nuts put together a snack spread to keep your team fueled for the task at hand!
Have a ‘Welcome to the Team’ gift basket?
Sneak a little something sweet in with Its Just Nuts & we guarantee your new team members will feel the love.
Simply want to send a Thank You?
Let Its Just Nuts tell your clients just how special they are by shipping a gift package, the sweetest thank you!
Holiday Gift Ideas?
Its Just Nuts can drop off specialty holiday gift packages to the office to show your employees you are NUTS about them!
Browse our online shop or shoot us an email and we will help you put together the perfect NUTS ABOUT YOU gift!